Add or remove credit card types from the checkout form

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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If you need to remove some of the Credit Card types from the online shop checkout form, you need to do the following:

Go to Admin > More Customization Options > Online Shop Layouts. Click <> for HTML view and find the code that look something like this:


<option value="2"> Master Card </option>
<option value="3"> Bank Card </option>
<option value="4"> American Express </option>
<option value="5"> Diners Club </option>
<option value="6"> JCB </option>

You simply then have to remove the the options that are not required.

Supported credit card types

A list of the available card types is as follows -

  • Visa = 1
  • Master Card = 2
  • Bank Card = 3
  • Amex = 4
  • Diners Club = 5
  • JCB = 6
  • Discover = 7
  • Maestro = 8 (Note - See below re UK Cards)
  • Visa Delta/Electron = 10 (Note - See below re UK Cards)

Editing United Kingdom Debit Cards

Adding support for UK debit cards to your checkout form

You will need to update the following aspects of your Online Shop - Registration (Buy) layout in order to gather all the data needed to accept Maestro, Delta, and Electron cards:

  • modify the CardType field - add the following options:                        

    <option value="8">Maestro</option>
    <option value="10">Visa Delta/Electron</option>
  • add a CardIssueNumber textbox
  • copy the CardExpiryMonth and CardExpiryYear fields and create two new fields, CardIssueMonth and CardIssueYear.

Note for PayPal users with UK Cards

If you use PayPal and want to use Maestro you need to modify the CardType field differently. Please use the fillowing options -

<option value="11">Maestro</option>