Resetting the offline payment password

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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This tutorial teaches you how to reset your offline payment password used for offline processing.

For details on offline processing, see Collecting credit card details for offline processing .

If you have set up offline processing, an offline payment password is generated for you. This password expires every 90 days and must be changed.

Due to PCI compliance requirements, the system needs some identification before changing the offline payment password. To be identified, you are required to set up a security question/answer.

If you have forgotten the security answer or have not set one up, the process of resetting your offline processing password is as follows:


Request a password reset

  1. Create a support ticket by clicking the Help & Support link found in the upper right section of the admin. Specify in the support case that you would like to reset your offline payment password.

  2. Send an email to , include the below in your email:

    • A scanned copy of your ID
    • The name of the developer who built the website
    • A mobile phone number where the password is sent to by SMS


    This step is required so that you can be uniquely indentified in the system and have the password sent through a secure data transmission channel.

  3. A text message is sent (to the phone number provided in step 2) containing a temporary password.

  4. Access an order with the temporary offline payment password (received at step 3). A prompt to reset the password and specify a security question/answer is provided.


This process is set up to ensure the risk of fraud and identity theft is reduced by complying to PCI-DSS standards. See PCI SSC Data Security Standards Overview .

Adobe does not guarantee a specific time frame in which the offline payment password is sent. Additional data may also be required for identifying the users.