Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Providers Website

Setting up this Gateway

When setting up the payment gateway, you will receive a login from the provider to access the setup of your payment gateway.

Once you get your account you need to login and obtain 2 pieces of information which you then need to place into your website's backend under eCommerce -> Payment Gateways.

These are the API Login ID and Transaction Key. To obtain these details you need to go to Settings -> and click on API Login ID and Transaction Key in Security Settings section.

You then need to answer the security question to get the Transaction Key.

Once you have these details you need to go to eCommerce -> Payment Gateways on your site, select the country and from the dropdown lists and enter the information into the corresponding fields.

The setup of this gateway is now completed!

Setting up for Recurring Billing (If required) uses the 'Customer Information Manager' feature to accept recurring orders / payments. They currently charge a monthly fee for this service.

You can find details about this on the main login page and enable it at the bottom of the information page:

You will then need to follow the steps given to you by to activate this feature.


Error Message -- "This transaction has been approved." "1"

Error Message -- "This transaction cannot be accepted. 103"

Error Message -- "This transaction has been declined 205"

Error Message -- "Token was null or empty. E00044"

Error Message -- "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. 13"

If you encounter any that you feel may be useful to list here, please contact the support team with details of the issue and the solution you found, so that we may share this with people who may encounter the same issue in future.