Collecting credit card details for offline processing

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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This tutorial covers the concept of collecting credit card details from Business Catalyst orders and processing them using an external merchant facility.

The workflow for collecting and processing credit card payments externally consists of the following:

  • Setting up your offline payment password (OPP) and email recipients
  • Retrieving customer credit card details

The credit card details are sent to the relevant site administrators in a protected PDF document.

Set up offline processing

  1. Select E-Commerce > Payment Gateways and from the Gateway menu, select Process Offline.
  2. Enter and confirm a new Offline payment password, then click Continue.

    Note: When setting an Offline payment password, it is important to note:

    • This password is specific to every site user. All site user that administer payments must set up an individual offline payment password.
    • The Offline payment password must chang every 90 days. After this time, accessing the payment gateway screen or passphrase for an order prompts a password change.
    • Ensure that the password is a minimum of seven characters long, and contains both numeric and alphabetical characters.
  3. Click Setup Email Addresses and then enter the email addresses to receive the secure PDF containing the credit card details. Use semicolons to enter multiple email addresses.


Retrieve customer credit card details

When a credit card payment is made on your site, an email containing a secure PDF is sent. This email is sent to the email addresses specified in Setting up offline processing .

To retrieve the customer credit card details, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the customer order by doing one of the following:
    • Click the link provided in the email.
    • Log in to the admin of your site and search for the customer order by selecting CRM > Search.

  2. Expand the Offline payments section and click Show next to the Passphrase option.

  3. Enter your OPP password set in step 2 of Setting up offline processing and click Login.
  4. Copy the passphrase now displayed next to the passphrase option.
  5. Open the PDF from the initial email and enter the passphrase obtained in the previous step.

    Warning: Ensure you have retrieved the customer details within 90 days of first viewing the passphrase. After this time, the passphrase is deleted from the system and no longer accessible.

Important notes

  • Remember your Offline payment password - This password is required to gain access to a passphrase for the credit card details.
  • The transaction information is not stored at the server and Business Catalyst cannot recover lost files. It is recommended that you choose at least two addresses to receive the emails. Your regular address, plus perhaps a Yahoo or Hotmail account in case you experience any issues with your mail account.
  • These PDFs are like checks - if you lose them, the only way to replace them is to get the information from your customer again.
  • To update the email address recipients, the Offline payment password is required.
  • Business Catalyst does not collect CVV, CVV2, CVC2 & CID as per PCI standards. A Card Verification Value code, CVV (CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard, and CID for AMEX) is the three- or four-digit number on the front or back of a credit or debit card.