Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Setting up this Gateway

To setup this gateway, simply log into your site, navigate to eCommerce -> Payment gateways, select this gateway from the dropdown list, and enter the requested information.

Additionally, to use this gateway, you will need to add the following HTML and javascript code in your Registration-Buy layout (Netherlands)

If you need to add extra banks available from Mollie Gateway to your list, check the following link: and you can expand the above options list code.


Setting up for Recurring Billing (If required)

The implementation of this payment gateway does not support recurring billing



You can not use non-seamless gateway, such as Mollie payment gateway on web forms. Non-seamless gateways can only be used in conjunction with a shopping cart. 

If you need to take payments via Web Forms, you will need to use one of the seamless gateways, or offline processing in this case.


There are no known "common" setup issues with this gateway.

If you encounter any that you feel may be useful to list here, please contact the support team with details of the issue and the solution you found, so that we may share this with people who may encounter the same issue in future.