Collect credit card payments on your site

Updated on 21-November-2016 at 9:14 AM

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Collecting real-time credit card payment on your site requires a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a service that connects your site to your merchant account to process credit card payments. 

The workflow for setting up a payment gateway on your site consists of the following steps:

You can also add PayPal Payments Standard as a primary or secondary payment gateway. See PayPal Payments Standard .

Note: We provide up-to-date security measures to protect your site against fraudulent users. However, Adobe recommends that you to also take advantage of the antifraud systems available for each payment gateway. Contact your payment gateway provider for further assistance.

Add a payment gateway

  1. Select E-Commerce > Payment Gateways.
  2. Select your payment gateway provider from the list. Then enter your account details supplied by your gateway provider.

    Note: Each payment gateway provider supplies a different set of account details. Contact your gateway provider for details on the correct account details to connect to your online shop.

  3. Click Save.

Add PayPal Payments Standard

To use PayPal Payments Standard with your site, first set up a PayPal Standard account.

  1. Select E-Commerce > Payment Gateways.
  2. Enter your PayPal Customer ID and token and click Save.

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