Creating the members only area in the front-end

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Creating the membership only zone

The first step of creating a members only area for your site is to create the actual secure zone:

  1. Select Site Manager > Secure Zones, and then click Add Secure Zone.
  2. Enter the name for the secure zone and choose the landing page. The landing page is the page the site visitors will be redirected to after they successfully login into your site, think of it like the "Home" page for logged in users.
  3. Click Save.

Adding content to the membership only area

Next up, let's add some content to the secure zone we've just created. This content will be visible only after the site visitor has successfully entered their username and password. Secured content can be regular pages, media downloads, news, FAQs, webapps, catalogs, blogs or forums.

To add content to the secure zone:

  1. Select the Secured content tab
  2. Choose the type of content you want to add to the secure zone
  3. Move items from the left panel to the right panel. Items already in the right panel are protected.

Adding subscribers to your membership only zone

Subscribers are CRM contacts that are subscribed to the secure zone. This means they can access the secured content after they enter their credentials.

There are two different ways a CRM contact can be added to a membership only area. Either they subscribe via the front-end themselves (we'll take a look at this later on) or you add them from the back-end. We will detail the latter below.

To subscribe CRM contacts to the membership only area:

  1. Select the Subscribers tab
  2. Subscribe a contact by adding its full name and the email address in the Quick subscribe form:
  3. if the Email Details to User checkbox is checked the user you have just subscribed will receive this email below. Take a look at this article to find out how you can customize the contents of this email.
  4. The username is automatically generated, click the Password link to create a password for this user. The page that will open up will contain a password reset form which can be customized from here .
  5. Click the Subscribe button - the "John Doe" CRM record is now created and it is subscribed to this secure zone.

In the example above the credentials are generated automatically, the user is "jdoe" and the password can be chosen by the user after clicking the link received by email. If you uncheck the Email Details to User checkbox when quick subscribing the CRM contact to the secure zone you can manually set the username and password by navigating to that particular CRM record's contact details panel.

Adding the login form to the site front-end

Now that we have the membership only area created, we have added some content in it and have created a CRM contact that is subscribed we need to add a login form the site visitors can use to login. To insert the login form:

  1. Create a new page the form will be inserted on, let's use "/login" for this example
  2. Open up the "login" page
  3. In the Toolbox expand Site Modules and click Secure Zones
  4. Select Sign in Form.
  5. From the drop down in the upper left corner select the secure zone name we have just created. You can have multiple secure zones in one site each with different subscribers and secured content.
  6. Click "Insert"

The login form is now inserted into the page. You can further cusomtize and style it at this point. Now save the page and open it up in the front-end. You should be able to login with the username "jdoe" and the password you chose. In the next article we will look at different ways of adding users to the secure zone.