How to use email campaigns to notify customers of secure zone access expiry

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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You can leverage email campaigns to alert subscribers when their access to a Secure Zone is about to expire. You can work with your existing contacts in the site's database and use anniversary dates to achieve this goal.

If you are new to working with Secure Zones, you can get an overview of how they work by reading Understanding Secure Zones .

To get instructions on how to create password protected areas, see Creating and managing Secure Zones .

You can optionally choose to charge subscribers a fee to access Secure Zones. 

Using Anniversary Dates to send email messages based on the Secure Zone's expiration date

In this section, you'll learn how to use Anniversary Dates in email campaigns to remind subscribers that their access is about to expire. Follow these steps:

When you create the online registration form that enables visitors to sign up for access to a Secure Zone, you can add an Anniversary Date field. You can use the Web Form Builder to create the new form.


As you are creating (or editing) the web form, click the option next to Anniversary 1 Date to add this field to the web form that visitors will use when they sign up for access to the Secure Zone.

This option is located in the Marketing tab of the Add New Items section of the Web Form Builder.

Next, populate this field on the form with the date of Secure Zone's expiration date.

Finally, set up a loyalty email campaign to send -X (the negative X value specifies the number of days before the anniversary date when the email notification will be sent). For example -7 will cause the email to be sent seven days before the customer's Secure Zone access will expire.

Enter the content in the notification campaign. This is the information that will be sent to subscribers, as a reminder that their access to a Secure Zone membership is set to expire. That way, visitors have the opportunity to take action and renew their subscription, (pay for the new membership, if applicable) and extend their access permissions.

For more information, read Charging payment for access to a Secure Zone .