Implementing a trial and purchased access secure zone scenarios

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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When selling secure zone access it's always a good idea to give your clients a glimpse of what it is they're going to be purchasing. You can therefore offer trial access to a secure zone, before actually collecting payment for it. This assumes you allow users to subscribe to a secure zone, but also set an expiry date. Future subscribes will be charged.

To set the expiration of a secure zone you can add this input field to your forms. To set the date you need to make the value 05-13-2013, or  you can use javascript to make the date one year from the day the user submits the form, but in that format.

Have a hidden input field on form  <input name="ZoneExpiry" id="ExpiryDate" />

Then have a function as follows:

Note: For the above to function, "Sell membership" must not be enabled in the secure zone settings panel. This assumes you'll have 2 secure zones, one for the trial, and a separate one for the paid access.