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Updated on 12-October-2018 at 1:52 PM

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Business Catalyst uses cookies to improve site visitors experience. These cookies include storing shopping cart information, user login sessions, and email campaign tracking. For more information on cookies, see What Are Cookies? Computer Cookies Explained on

There are two types of cookies used on Business Catalyst sites:

  • Required - These cookies are necessary for site functionality and cannot be disabled
  • Performance and tracking - Site visitors can disable these cookies

For a full list of Business Catalyst cookies, see Business Catalyst Cookies - Quick reference

Insert the cookie consent form in a page

DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to be a guideline and does NOT constitute legal counsel. Seek the advice of your brand’s legal counsel for meeting the requirements in the regions where you operate.

You can allow visitors to disable tracking and option cookies by inserting the cookie management form in a page.

  1. Open the page in editing mode by selecting Site Manager > Pages and clicking the page in the tree view.

  2. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want the form to appear on the page.

  3. From the TOOLBOX menu on the right, select Site Modules > Miscellaneous and then select Manage Cookies Form.

  4. Click Insert.

    Business Catalyst inserts the form's HTML and default text into the page.

  5. Modify the content by changing the text in the editor.

    Ensure the Tracking and other optional cookies check box is not removed.

  6. Click Update or Save Draft.

If you want to display the consent form in a pop up window, use Jquery modal windows. See 32 Best jQuery Popup Window Dialog Box Example by Hina Yaqoob on Smashing Spy.

Note: this feature only affects the cookies used by Business Catalyst. If you use other components that create cookies (Google Analytics for example), please refer to the specific guides of each service provider.

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