Integrate Google Tag Manager with Business Catalyst

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Howto set up Google Tag Manager 

You will need an account with Google Tag Manager, if you don’t have the account already, please follow this. Go to Google Tage Manager to create a Google Tag Manager account

  1. Login to Google Tag Manager
  2. Select Create Account
    1. Make individual account for your business, means one business per account.
    2. Name the account similar to your business name
  3. Once the account setup is done, you will need a container. To create a new container select an account and click on the "New Container" button on the top-right corner of the page as shown in the screenshot below.
    Tip: Good idea to name the container after the site or more preferably the domain itself.
  4. Once the container has been created it’s time to add the container JavaScript to the site. Copy the code and place it just after the tag on your site.

Creating a tag and arule 

  1. Click New -> select Tag 
  2. Name the tag “Google Analytics” (or Universal Analytics) 
  3. Select “Universal Analytics” or “Google Analytics” depending on what tracking script you are using from the “Tag Type” 
  4. Enter the UA number from your tracking script. If you are not sure where to find it, follow this guide to get your UA Number 
  5. Select “Page View” for tracking type 
  6. Enable Display Advertising Features
  7. Set this to Fire on “All Pages”
  8. Click save to save tag

To publish a tag to your site, begin by clicking the “create version” button to create your first version. After creating a version, click on the “preview” button to view the tags on your site and I suggest clicking on “debug” so you can test each tag to ensure they are firing. Publish Tag in Google Analytics tag Manager

This simple tag will help you to receive Google Analytics Data, such as number of visitors on your site, page view, time on site, bounce rate and much more.

How to add Google tag Manager in your Business Catalyst site

You can either paste the code directly on the template, or on the page, or create a content holder, paste the code, so if you need to modify the content, you need to do it at one place only.

  1. Create a new content holder, name it Google Tag Manager, and paste the tag manager code in to content holder. Click Save.
  2. Go to a page/template, where you would like to place it, Add the content holder to the page/s and preview them. You should see the code like this.
  3. These are the basic or first step for adding tags to your Business catalyst site from Google tag manager.

    We strongly recommend going through this article - Google Tag Manager Help Center