Manage pages and site assets using Develop mode

Updated on 10-October-2017 at 3:29 PM

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The Business Catalyst Develop functionality allows you to create and manage pages, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files in a code editor with Syntax highlighting. You can also manage site assets such as images and FLA files.

To access the Business Catalyst develop screen, log in to the admin of your site and select the Develop tab.

Managing pages and files

You can create and edit pages, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files using the Develop tool.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To create a page or file, click the new file icon from the menu found in the bottom of the left panel.
    • To edit an existing page or file, double-click a page from the tree view on the left panel.

  2. By default, new pages are automatically set with a .html extension. Enter a filename, leaving the .html extension for pages or replacing the extension with .css or .js for other file types.

    Example: page.html

  3. Add or edit the content of the page or file in the editor panel on the right side.

    Note: By default, new pages created in Develop mode do not have a template applied. To set a template, see Setting page properties

  4. Click Save draft or Publish at the bottom of the editor.

  5. You can preview your changes by selecting the Preview link in the upper left of the editor.

Uploading site assets

You can easily upload site assets such as images, video, and FLA files using the develop tool.

  1. Click the upload icon from the menu found in the bottom of the left panel.

  2. Browse and select the file from your computer.

    You can select multiple files in one operation by holding Ctrl on Windows or Command on Mac.

  3. Click Open.


All .html or .htm files uploaded using Develop mode are treated as regular Pages by Business Catalyst. If you do not want these files to be publicly visible, ensure that you manually set their visibility to hidden in the Page Properties menu. See Setting page properties.

Setting page properties

For pages with a .html or .htm extension, you can adjust the page properties in Develop mode.

  1. Open the page in editing mode by clicking the page in the tree view.

  2. Click Properties button on the upper left of the editor.

  3. From the properties screen, you can manage the below options:
    • Basic properties
    • SEO Metadata
    • Visibility
    • Collaboration

    See tool tips next to the options for details.

  4. Click Save Properties.

Adding modules and tags

In the Developer tab you also can access the Toolbox, this enables you to add modules to your files. You can also add tags (by switching to the "Data" tab in the toolbox, however this only works for the default layouts under the "Layouts" folder as seen below. If you need to create a custom template the "Data" tab will be greyed out. For this scenario you can either open up a default layout, get the tags from the Data tab which should now be active and manually typing it into your custom template.

Disallowed files

  • moxieplayer.swf
  • FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf
  • flashmediaelement.swf
  • flv_player.swf
  • player_flv_maxi.swf
  • Jplayer.swf
  • video-js.swf
  • player.swf
  • swfupload.swf
  •  files that match this wildcard: flowplayer-*.swf