Migrate your email and domain

Updated on 02-April-2019 at 2:47 PM

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After migrating your website and transferring the records it is time to backup your email accounts and complete the process by deleting your domain records from Business Catalyst and re-adding them to your new website.

Backup your email inboxes

To download the emails in the existing email accounts you will need to use an email client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Configure your email client - here are some guides for a few popular email clients.

Do note: when configuring the email client make sure you choose the POP3 protocol - this will download the email messages to your computer.

Once you configure the email client and connect to your inbox the messages should be downloaded locally, to your computer. Repeat this procedure for all the email inboxes on your site, everybody should download the emails to their computers.

Download your contact information

At this point you should also download the contact data associated with this inbox. To download the list of contacts and details click the "Export" button after logging in the Webmail interface:

After all the emails and other data are downloaded you can proceed to the next step and complete the website migration.

Complete the migration

When you are happy with your new website and all the email inboxes are backed up it is time to finally move the domain from Business Catalyst to your new hosting platform and finish the migration. Before proceeding with these steps make sure you know the new hosting platform's nameservers, you will need these records to replace the Business Catalyst ones.

Make sure you have all the information readily availabe (the domain registrar's login panel, the nameservers you need to use and how to configure the domains in your new website's admin panel) before proceeding.

Deleting the records will also remove the email accounts and delete the emails. Do note this process is irreversible, after this point all the email accounts will be deleted.

This is how to remove the domain from Business Catalyst:

  1. log into your Business Catalyst Admin Console and go to the Site Domains panel
  2. delete your domain from the Domains list
  3. log into your domain registrar's control panel and locate the Business Catalyst nameservers, they should be named ns01.worldsecuresystems.com, ns02.worldsecuresystems.com and ns03.worldsecuresystems.com
  4. replace them with the new nameservers used by your new hosting platform
  5. after the new nameservers are in place log into your new website hosting platform and add the domain names

This is the final step that concludes your website migration from Business Catalyst to your new website platform.

Need help?

If you need help to migrate your website to another platform please get in touch with one of our partners listed here.