Migrating a set of modules from one site to another

Updated on 27-March-2018 at 3:27 PM

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your modules from an existing site to a new site. Use this guide for creating an exact copy of your modules including the module layouts and functionality that you have implemented. For the purposes of this article, the site you are migrating from is called the source site while the site you are migrating to is called the destination site.

The migration of all modules have similar principles in that you will need to recreate the modules in your destination site, copy the content over and copy the module layouts from your source site to your destination site. For this example, we'll focus on using the FAQs module.

Recreating the modules

The first step is to open your source site and go to the module you would like to recreate via Modules > FAQs.

The following page, you should see a list of the FAQ items you currently have, you will need to select each item individually to copy the content across.

Once you click on an individual FAQ item, you will be taken to the FAQ details screen. Notice the FAQ details listed here, such as FAQ question, release date and expiry date.

These details will need to be recreated in your destination site. To do this open your destination site go to Modules > FAQs > Add FAQ.

In the FAQ details screen enter the same details as noted in your source site

Now that the FAQ details have been recreated, the next step is to copy the actual content over. To do this go back to your source site and click on the HTML view button <> at the bottom of the editor.

This will bring up the HTML source code of your FAQ, simply select all and copy. Once you have copied this code, go back to your destination site and open the newly created FAQ (if not already). In the content editor, once again click on the HTML view button <> at the bottom of the editor, click your mouse inside the editor and paste the code here.

Repeat this for all FAQ module items.

Module Layouts

To Migrate your Module layouts across from your source site to your destination site you will need to copy and paste the HTML of these layouts from the advanced layouts screen. For the purpose of this example, we will be using the 'FAQ' module layout.

The first step is to open the layout in your destination site in this case the 'FAQ' layout. To do this go to Admin -> Site Manager ->Module Templates -> FAQ Layouts

On the following screen you will see a list of layouts for this module as below:

Select the first layout from the drop-down list and once this opens, click on the HTML view button <> at the bottom of the editor:

Here you will see the HTML source code for this layout, simply highlight all this code and Copy.

The next step is to open your destination site and go to the FAQ layout screen using the same steps as above. Once you have opened the HTML view for your first FAQ layout, paste the code here over the current code. Repeat for all module layouts.

Re-inserting modules into a web page

The final step is to re-insert these modules into the same web pages in your destination site as your source site. If you have not already done so, ensure you have followed the Site migration guide to copy over all your web pages first.

Open your destination site and to find the web page you would like to insert the modules into, go to Site Manager -> Pages and select the page you would like to insert the module within. In this example, the FAQ module resided within the Questions web page.

You may notice that when you open this page that there is already a module inserted here. You will need to remove this module as it has been copied over from your source site and may not have the correct ID.

Once you have removed this module, you will need to insert the new FAQ module we have created. Go to ToolBox > FAQ >List of FAQs to insert the new FAQ.

Select the display criteria from the drop-down menu (in this case, 'All items') and then click Insert.

Click 'Update' at the bottom of the editor to push the new version live.

Return to the list of web pages by going to Site Manager  > Pages. Repeat the steps shown above for any other modules that need to be re-inserted into your site.