Migrating a site to Business Catalyst

Updated on 27-March-2018 at 3:27 PM

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Whether you have a simple presentational site, an online CRM, a real-estate or any other listings-based site, an eCommerce solution on Magento, or a blog on Wordpress, moving it to Business Catalyst is a straight-forward process.

In this article, we'll cover the tools and methods you can use to migrate all compatible content over to Business Catalyst, along with relevant tips for a smooth transition.

Typical business platforms will contain standard html pages, blogs, online shops, multimedia files, webapps, each with its own administrative details, such as categories, classifications, catalogs, and so on. Here's a breakdown of all relevant content types in Business Catalyst along with import/migration tools available:

Transfer Pages to Business Catalyst

There are several ways to tackle this part with BC, and the best approach depends very much on how your pages are built. As a summary BC offers the following options to edit webpages:

  • Standard pages editor
  • Developer mode
  • InContext editor
  • Dreamweaver(or other editing tools)

If there's not much editing to be done to adjust the content, you could simply copy the pages over to BC in which case you'd need to go through Connecting to your site via SFTP . In other cases, you may want to also edit pages in the context of the BC Platform, in which case you'd need to take a look at How to add or edit your website's content .

Import Blogs to Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst offers an intuitive blog import tool, allowing you to streamline the process. Not only that, but we offer support for both Wordpress and TypePad, so that transitioning from those platforms can be made as quickly and as smooth as possible.

Importing blog posts

Import Webapp items to Business Catalyst

One of the several modules that make Business Catalyst great is its webapp engine. You can import anything from a real-estate catalog to a store locator, within a certain complexity limit, in an easy, intuitive process. There's an import template available in the import page, with all the guidelines necessary, so that your transition can be accommodated as easily as possible.

Adding Webapp items

Migrate a Shop(eCommerce) to Business Catalyst

Moving your products to BC is a two-step process, meaning that you will be doing separate imports for catalogs and products. All major sections, ranging from pricings and descriptions to inventory, stock, attributes, retail prices, relationships, grouping, suppliers, and variations are available for import. Checkout the full steps in these articles:

Importing products & Importing catalogs

Import customer records on Business Catalyst

To bring your userbase to BC, just access the CRM and select the import contacts option. Download the template and populate the records. There are multiple customization options: aside from importing all the common details (name, full address, location, work details, industry, secure zone allocations, usernames/passwords, opt-in settings), you can also extend your CRM , by adding new fields to the customer record through webforms.

Importing customer records

Migrate static assets (images, files, xml, pdf, stylesheets,)

Business Catalyst offers ftp access so that you can easily connect to the site and manage content as easy and quick as possible. For any type of media that hasn't been covered in the steps above, you can just connect to the BC site via sftp and copy it over.

Connecting to your site via SFTP

Migrate domain name and email accounts

With all your assets migrated, the only thing that's missing is to assign the domain name to your new Business Catalyst site, and most likely move e-mail accounts as well. This process, along with all the relevant customization options, is covered in the following article:

Assigning a domain name and taking the site live


These items cover all major areas on Business Catalyst where importing or transferring is possible. Should you have any issues or need any assistance, you can allways access our support channel .