Refer a friend confirmation page

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Refer-a-friend form has been removed from the new module manager UI and it will no longer be available for insertion. Existing forms will continue to work, and the confirmation page is still customizable only for sites created until March 2012.

As a replacement, we recommend to use Social Sharing modules which we keep enhancing. Visitors which aren't using Social networks will be able to tell their friends about a site by composing an email in their mail client and sending them the link. This is easier than using the old refer-a-friend form as they already have the contacts available in the email client and no captcha is needed.

If you still want to use the built-in Refer a friend functionality, create a form and embed the set of fields from Marketing > Refer a friend. Then customize or insert this form in a page as desired.

The existing forms, with action=/ReferAFriendProcess.aspx, will continue to work.