Secure Zones related system pages

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Secure Zone Access Unauthorized

This layout is used whenever an anonymous user tries to open up secured content or an authenticated site visitor tries to open up content they do not have access to, for example:

  • User "John" successfully logs into your site, he has access to the "Members only area"
  • There is a second secure area named "Videos" which secures a page "/video-downloads" 
  • The page "/video-downloads" is not contained by the "Members only area" secure zone John has access to.

Secure Zone Access Denied

This layout is used whenever a user tries to login into a secure zone using a wrong username/password combination. You can also add "Lost your password" link to this layout. This will allow the customer to reset the password if needed.

After a site visitor clicks the link above they are taken to the Password Retrieve Request system page.

Secure Zone Access Expired

This system page is used whenever a site visitor enters the correct credentials but the subscription period for this particular secure zone has expired.

Secure Zone Log Out Page

This system page is displayed right after the user logs out of a secure zone: