Web Apps system pages

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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When interacting with Webapps , users can perform one of two actions through the front-end:

  • Add or update an item
  • Delete an item

Depending on which of these actions is performed, the user will get a specific confirmation page:

Web App Item Confirmation Page

When a user adds a new webapp item from the front end, or modifies an existing one, he will be presented with this confirmation page, once the process is completed. Be sure to look into our article regarding how to submit webapp items from the front-end.

Web App Item Delete Confirmation Page

The single requirement for this scenario is for the option to allow deletion of webapp items to be enabled from the webapp settings.

With that in place, when a user deletes a webapp item, this confirmation page is shown.
See these details on how to edit webapp items to understand how to enable the delete button for front-end users.