Troubleshooting Web Forms

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Determining which Web Form is being used on a page

If you have a Web Form on your site but are unsure which form this coincides with in your admin console, here is how you can find out. First of all you will need go to the form on your website, then using a tool such as Firebug or by simply viewing the HTML source of a page, view the form action URL:

You will notice that the action URL is similar to the below:
Take note of the WebFormID as this is what identifies your web form. The next step is to login to the admin console of your site and navigate to Site Manger > Web Forms. Here you will see a list of the current Web Forms for this site, by hovering over the Web Form name, you can the URL of the link to this form which contains the Web Form ID as below:

If the ID on the actual site does not match any of the ID's in the admin, then this form will not submit as it does not exist.

Getting the 'ERROR: You have deleted your web form...' message

As this message would suggest, the web form you are submitting no longer exists as one of the Web Forms on your site via the Site Manager > Web Forms. Use the method shown in the topic above 'Determining which Web Form is being used on a page' to confirm this.You will need to remove this form from the site as it is no longer valid and re-insert the appropriate form you would like to use here in its place.

Getting the 'Form Submission in Progress' message

This JavaScript message will commonly appear if you have submitted this form, then pressed 'back' in your web browser and tried to submit the form again.


Checking your form

Ensure the form method is correct:
Every form has a 'method of submitting the form to the server, this can either be 'GET' or 'Post'. In order for your form to submit correctly to the server, you must ensure you are using the 'Post' method, this is inserted by default when inserting a form, however if you have removed the method, the browser will use 'GET' by default which will not work:
<form <strong>method="post"</strong> action="/FormProcessv2.aspx?WebFormID=1234">
Ensure the form field names have not changed
When you first insert a web form into a page/template, it will be inserted with all the correct field names, for example:
<input type="text" <strong>name="FirstName"</strong> id="FirstName" class="cat_textbox" maxlength="255">
If you find that your form submits but some fields do not get collected, then you should check that all the field names are correct. You can insert the form on a clean page to compare the field names with what they should be.

Where can I find customer submitted files?

While only the first file will be included in the workflow notification if the form contains multiple file uploads, you can find the entirity of uploaded files under the "Related Files" tab of the Case interface in the Admin.

Resolving validation errors on web forms

If you have tried to validate a page that has a web form inserted, you may encounter errors that look like this:
Line 177, Column > 80: XML Parsing Error: xmlParseEntityRef: no name
itcount11961 = 0;function checkWholeForm11961(theForm)&#123;var why = "";if (theFo
itcount11961 = 0;function checkWholeForm11961(theForm){var why = "";if (theF</span>
To resolve these validation errors, add CDATA comments inside script tag. For example, use this syntax:
<script type="text/javascript">
your JS scripts
Be sure to also change the selected="true" to selected="selected" in the drop-down list code. For example, set the selected value to "selected":
<option value=" " selected="selected"> 
By updating the code, you can avoid these types of validation errors from occurring.