Creating inboxes for your users

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Create new email accounts

To create a new email user, navigate to Site Settings > E-Mail Accounts, and then click New E-Mail Account.

Enter the new user email address, name and password recovery email address.

You can also add an email aliases for this user account. An email alias allows you to receive emails for multiple email addresses but view and manage them from the one inbox.

For example, can also receive messages sent to the following email address created for this account in the form of aliases:, sales@ and

To add an email alias, click Add E-Mail Alias and enter the email address you would like this user to receive mail for.

Click Save.

Create email accounts for multiple domains

After creating a default domain you can add several different domains to your website. Email accounts can only be created using the format It's not necessary to create email enabled-users for the other domains hosted with the website. They are created in the backend for the secondary domains. For example:

If you create the username on the website and enable email for their account in the backend, the system automatically creates the email address

The system only allows you to add email-enabled users to the system with the default domain for email. 

If you are not sure what the default domain for email is, look at the following section:


Managing MX records for multiple domains 

Choose Site Settings > Site Domains and then expand MX Records(Mail). You see a list of the email-enabled domains for your website.

Change the default domain for email

To change the default domain used to create email accounts, do the following:

  • delete all MX records hosted on the site
  • re-create them and assign the default account to the domain that you want to have set as default.

After deleting the default MX associated with a domain, all email inboxes associated with this domain are deleted. Adobe recommends that you follow the procedure below when performing the switch:

  • Back up all the emails currently hosted under the existing email accounts.
  • Delete all MX records located under Site Settings > Site Domains > MX Records(Mail).
  • Create MX records for the email-enabled domains you want to host on your website.
  • Set a new default email domain.
  • Re-create the email enabled users.

Create an external MX record

You can have your domain name hosted with Business Catalyst and use an external email provider.

  1. Choose Site Settings > Site Domains.
  2. Select New MX Record from the More Actions menu.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Enter the external mail record, and click Save.

    See your mail provider for details on the correct mail records to use.

Accessing an email account

To access an email account created with Business Catalyst, you have two options:

Check the following articles if you cannot receive emails or you cannot send emails .