Using the Webmail interface

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Having setup E-mail with Business Catalyst, you are able to access your e-mail accounts from any location with internet access, via webmail.

Log in to webmail

  1. Enter in the address bar of your web browser.
  2. Enter your email address and password, then click Log In to Webmail.

Compose a new message

  1. Click New in the upper-left corner of the webmail interface. 
  2. Enter the recipients email address, the subject, and the content of the email.
  3. Click Send.

Redirect email messages to an external email address

    You can redirect email messages to another address.

    1. Select Settings > Mail.

    2. Enter the destination email address in the Forwarding section and then select your forwarding preference.


      If you select the option to keep a copy of the messages in your mailbox, be sure you do not exceed your mailbox storage limit.

    3. Click Save to apply your changes.

    Set up vacation auto-response emails

    You can configure Business Catalyst to automatically reply to emails sent to your email address. This feature is useful when you're unable to check and reply to your emails at a particular time.

    1. Select Settings > Mail and then click the Vacation tab.
    2. Check the Enable Vacation Message checkbox and enter the content of your auto-reply email.
    3. Click Save to apply your changes.

    Be sure to disable auto-response when you're able to reply to emails again.

    Add a contact to the webmail address book

    The webmail feature includes the option to save contact information in the address book.

    1. Click the Add Contact icon next to the Address Book option.
    2. Enter the contact's information and click Save.

    Add batch contacts to the webmail address book

    You can import contacts from a Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

    1. Export the contacts from Outlook or Thunderbird.
    2. See the Outlook or Thunderbird website for information on exporting.
    3. Note: Ensure that the columns of the exported CSV are in the pre-defined order:

      1. name
      2. name
      3. name
      4. e-mail
      5. jobtitle
      6. company
      7. homephone
      8. businessphone
      9. mobilephone
      10. homeaddress
      11. businessadress
      12. notes
    4. Select Address Book > All and then click Manage Contacts.
    5. Select Outlook or Thunderbird as the import type.
    6. Click Browse to select the file you exported and then click Import.