Migrate to the BC DNS system

Updated on 27-March-2018 at 3:28 PM

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Business Catalyst also offers a domain name management system you can use to host your domain after your purchase it from a registrar.

There are multiple advantages to have your domain migrated over to us rather than using the registrar's external system. To name a few - with Business Catalyst, starting right from the bacic Bronze plan you can use the the free included email system and create inboxes for your site users. Another advantage is you can add a SSL certificate for your domain name and enable your site visitors to use the secure HTTPS protocol.

In this article we will go over how to migrate the DNS service for an existing Business Catalyst website from the registrar over to Business Catalyst.


Before you proceed we assume the Business Catalyst site is already up and running and it is using an externally hosted DNS service. If this is the case the Site Settings -> Site Domains panel should look something like this (notice the "External" label):

Getting started

Before you start: do note that any changes to the DNS configuration will take some time to propagate. Because of this it is advisable that you follow the steps below off hours so you have as little impact as possible on the availability of your website and services.

The first step would be to remove the domain from Business Catalyst and re-add it as "Internal". To do this use the Delete link next to the domain. You will get this popup message below. You can either click "Yes, delete all" and all the domains in the list will be removed.

Moving the service from the registrar to Business Catalyst

Once all the records are deleted you need to log into your registrar's control panel and "redirect" the entire DNS service from the registrar's systems over to Business Catalyst.

Warning: if you have custom DNS records in the registrar's control panel you will need to recreate them in Business Catalyst once the process is completed.

This process is called Redelegation and might vary depending on the registrar you are using. Have a look at this article we have put together, it describes the redelegation process for some of the most popular registrars out there.

If your registrar is not listed in the article please reach out to your registrar's support team and tell them you need to redelegate your DNS service to these nameservers:

  • ns1.worldsecuresystems.com -
  • ns2.worldsecuresystems.com -
  • ns3.worldsecuresystems.com -

Re-adding the DNS records on Business Catalyst

Once this process is over there is one last step required - add the domain to Business Catalyst. To do this simply click the "New Domain" button here while letting the "Recommended" option checked:

Click "Save" and you will notice the domain panel will now look like this:

Once the domain is properly added in Business Catalyst you can go ahead and add any other DNS records using the More Actions button: