SSL certificate FAQ

Updated on 14-June-2017 at 11:22 AM

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Can I add SSL on a site with externally hosted domain?

At the moment SSL certificates can only be added to domains that use the Business Catalyst DNS system. To migrate your external domain to BusinessCatalyst please see this article.

Can I add SSL to a plan other than Platinum?

SSL certificates can be added to other plans as well, as an extra feature. To add a certificate first go to the Partner Portal and purchase a SSL package:

Can I add SSL to a site hosted on an older plan?

Yes, SSL can be added to any plan available on Business Catalyst, whether your site is on the old webBasics+,webMarketing or webCommerce or on one of the new plans.  

Will adding SSL change my plan type to one of the new plans?

No. The option to add an SSL certificate to your website is purchased as an "extra". This means it can be added to any website, regardless of the plan it is on (the old plans or the new ones). 

Do note that the new Platinum sites have the SSL certificate option enabled by default.

Why is my shopping cart page still loading on

In order to keep the PCI certification we have at the moment the payment processing components still load using the URLs.

Can I add SSL to my partner site?

Yes you can, please go to the Partner Portal and add the SSL for your partner site, similar to any other extra.

What happens when I delete an SSL-enabled domain?

If you delete a domain after you enabled the SSL certificate for it we automatically send a revoke request to Let's Encrypt. In case you decide to re-add the domain (to the same site or to a new one) you can request another certificate for it.

Do we support your secure custom domain in webforms' action parameter?

For the moment the webform data will still be submitted using your website's domain. Manually changing a forms' action parameter to submit the data via the secure custom domain might not work in all cases.

The Let's Encrypt certificates are free, why is Business Catalyst charging for SSL?

The overage is not priced per certificate, but rather the cost of the entire setup. Once you buy the SSL overage you will be able to install as many certificates as you want on that site.

This setup involves infrastructure (a different and more complex setup designed for encrypted traffic) as well as the integration of the actual certificate (issuing, linking to the domain, reissue every 3 months if the site is active, removing the certificate when the domain is deleted and so on) which are completely handled by Business Catalyst.